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What it was like at the Blues Awards

Accepting the Blues Music Award for "Last Train to Bluesville"

Yes, you did it. Got us to the stage in Memphis. What a night, what a night.

None of us thought we’d actually win, not with the caliber of talent in the Acoustic Album category–heck, in any other category, for that matter. It’s pretty hard to describe what it felt like as we saw (on the big screen, a nanosecond before we heard it) our name read as the winners.

What a rush.

And then we had to calm down, sort of, and get ready to play for that big room full of legendary and becoming-legendary talent. Not to mention for everyone listening live on Sirius XM, like Elaine Stutso, who heard it in the driveway on the car radio. We believe her when she says it sounded awesome.



Johnny's award statue

We missed having Elaine, Holly and Jana there. Johnny took this photo of his award–after he called Jana. It was a moment of deep connection, to families, friends and fans.

We felt the love!