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The Nighthawks New Release

Last Train to BluesvilleThe Nighthawks are happy to announce their new CD, “Last Train to Bluesville.” It was recorded live this year at B.B. King’s Bluesville channel on Sirius/XM satellite radio. Some of the tracks have already received airplay as Bluesville’s “Homemade Blues Jams.

The session was done without amps or electric instruments. Paul Bell played his beautiful National Steel resonator guitar, Johnny Castle thumped his Clevenger upright bassPete Ragusa used brushes on a parade snare drum and Mark Wenner blasted away on his custom-tuned Hohner harmonicas without a mic! Although many of the tunes have been on previous Nighthawks recordings, we never played them like this. The selections lean bluesy, with several Muddy Waters classics plus Little Walter and Sonny Boy, along with Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry and James Brown.